How To Advertise On Facebook In 2023? Follow 7 Simple Steps!

Facebook is one of the most well-known advertising networks. Also, it is a powerful tool for business. 

There are more than 2.8 billion users on this site each month. It offers various advertising options to help businesses reach their target audience.

How To Advertise on Facebook in 2023? We've got you covered! This article will discuss detailed guidelines and show you helpful tips.

What Are Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads are a form of paid advertising on the Facebook platform. They allow businesses to target specific audiences based on insights, including:

  • Demographics
  • interests
  • Behaviors 

The ads appear on the user's newsfeed or sidebar. They can be in different forms (images, videos, slideshows, carousels).

The benefits of Facebook Ads are numerous. They give companies an affordable option to connect with their targeted audience.

With Facebook's targeting features, businesses can ensure that people can see their ads and like their products and services. 

Another benefit is the ability to track ad performance. Facebook Ads Manager provides detailed analytics of:

  • How many people saw the ad
  • How many clicked on it
  • how long they watched the video or viewed the image

This data allows businesses to refine their targeting and improve their ad campaigns. Facebook Ads also offer a range of ad objectives, including:

  • Brand awareness
  • Lead generation
  • Website Traffic

Businesses can choose the objective that aligns with their marketing goals and create ads tailored to their needs.

Overview of Facebook Ads


Overview of Facebook Ads

How To Advertise On Facebook In 2023?

Follow the detailed guides below to advertise on this social media site:

Step 1: Set Up Your Facebook Business Page

Before promoting your business on this platform, you must create a Facebook Business Page first. It will serve as your online presence on the platform. 

It allows you to interact with potential customers. Also, it promotes your products or services.

Creating a Facebook Business Page is rather simple. You simply visit: facebook.com/pages/create. After that, follow recommended instructions. 

First, choose a category to describe your business. 

Next, you must provide other details, including:

  • Business name
  • Contact details
  • Phone number
  • Website


Set up a Facebook business account

Set up a Facebook business account.

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Step 2: Choose Your Advertising Objectives

When mentioning advertising on Facebook, many objectives are available to help you achieve your business goals.

One such objective is brand awareness. It can help you get your name out there and increase recognition among potential customers.

Another option is lead generation, which can help you collect valuable information about potential customers and build your sales pipeline.

If you're looking to drive more visitors to your website, consider using the website traffic objective to encourage people to click and explore your site. 

You must consider your business goals carefully and choose the objective that best aligns with them.

Step 3: Define Your Target Audience

Facebook advertising allows you to target specific audiences. It means you can target people based on different aspects, including:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Interests 

Define your target audience based on the demographics and interests of your ideal customer.


Define target audience

Define target audience

Step 4: Create Your Ad Copy and Creative

Once you've defined your target audience, it's time to create your Ad Copy and creative. 

Your ad copy should be attention-grabbing and communicate the value proposition of your product or service. 

Your Creative should be visually appealing and relevant to your target audience.

Step 5: Choose Your Ad Placement

In-feed ads appear within users' news feeds. They are a popular choice due to their visibility and ability to blend in with organic content. 

Stories ads, which appear between a user's friends' stories, offer a more immersive and engaging ad experience. 

Messenger ads appear within Facebook Messenger and can be valuable for businesses looking to connect with customers through personalized messaging. 

It's essential to carefully consider your advertising objectives and target audience when choosing the best ad placement for your campaign. 

Step 6: Set Your Budget and Schedule

Before launching your ad campaign, you must set your budget and schedule. 

You can run your ads continuously or set a specific start and end date. You can also set a daily or lifetime budget for your ad campaign.

Step 7: Optimize your ad

Once finished setting up your ad campaign, it’s time to launch it. 

The steps could involve setting a budget, selecting ad placements, crafting ad copy, and choosing appropriate targeting options that align with your business goals. 

Once your campaign is live, it's essential to monitor its performance regularly to identify any areas for improvement. 

It could include analyzing metrics like click-through, conversion, and overall ROI. 

You can make adjustments to optimize your results and achieve your desired outcomes, based on the above elements. 

Whether tweaking your ad messaging, adjusting your targeting criteria, or revising your budget allocation, there are plenty of ways to fine-tune your campaign and maximize its impact. 

Don't sit back and hope for the best! Instead, take an active role in shaping the success of your ad campaign.


Optimize ads

Optimize ads

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What Size Should A Facebook Ad Be in 2023?

Here are the currently recommended sizes for Facebook ads in 2023:

  • Image Ads: 1200 x 628 pixels
  • Video Ads: 1280 x 720 pixels
  • Carousel Ads: 1080 x 1080 pixels
  • Collection Ads: 1200 x 628 pixels
  • Story Ads: 1080 x 1920 pixels

Why Are My Facebook Ads Not Delivering 2023?

Here are some common reasons why your Facebook ads may not be delivering as expected:

  • Your ad account may have been flagged for violating Facebook's advertising policies. 
  • Your ad budget may not be sufficient to reach your target audience.
  • Your ad may not be getting the right audience. 
  • Your ad placement may not be optimal.

What Is The Best Format For Facebook Ads?

The best format for Facebook Ads includes the following:

  • Carousel ads
  • Video ads
  • Collection ads 

What Is The Best Length For Facebook Ad?

Facebook ads are typically 15 seconds or less.  

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, advertising on Facebook in 2023 requires a strategic approach considering the latest trends and features. 

Hopefully, these step-by-step guides will help you create effective Facebook ad campaigns to reach your target audience and achieve your business goals.

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