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Buy Sell Facebook Account Indonesia: Detailed Guides 

Facebook has more than two billion users globally, making it a tremendous resource for advertisers or business owners who want to reach a large audience.

In Indonesia, the number of active members on this platform is over 130 million. Thus, many people desire to buy and sell Facebook accounts in Indonesia. It is a lucrative business if done correctly.

This article will discuss the benefits and risks of the practice and give you some guidelines for effective transactions. Let's get started! 

How To Buy and Sell Facebook Account Indonesia?

If you are considering purchasing or selling Facebook accounts in Indonesia, follow the guides below to ensure you won't violate this platform's rules:

Step 1: Create a Facebook Account

Having a Facebook account is compulsory before working as a buyer or seller. If you already have one, skip stepping 2. 

If not, go to the Facebook website and create a Facebook Pva Account. Fill in your login information and move to the next step.

Step 2: Join Buy-and-Sell Groups

The easiest way to buy and sell Facebook accounts is to join groups on this platform. 

In Indonesia, hundreds of groups specialize in purchasing and selling Facebook accounts. Find these groups and join them.

Step 3: Look for Buyers/Sellers

Once you are in the buy and sell groups, you can start looking for buyers or sellers. 

If you want to buy Facebook account, look for sellers with accounts for sale. If you're going to sell the one, look for potential buyers.

Step 4: Negotiate the Price

Once you have found a buyer or seller, negotiate the price. Make sure you agree on the price and the terms of the sale. 

You must understand what to purchase or sell and the amount of money you want to pay or receive. 

Step 5: Exchange Payment and Account

Exchanging money and the account follows the pricing agreement. Ensure that you receive the login information if you purchase an account. 

Besides, ensure you have received the money before providing the login information to an account buyer.

Step 6: Check the Account

Check the account before completing the transaction, always. If you buy an account, check if it is active and has any restrictions. 

Moreover, if you sell an account, ensure you correctly transfer it to the buyer.


Step-by-step instructions

Benefits Of Buying And Selling Facebook Account Indonesia 

While some may view this as unethical or even illegal, there are many benefits to buying and selling Facebook accounts in Indonesia.

Benefits for Buyers

#1. Access to Established Audiences

Buyers may reach a ready-made audience keen on their service by acquiring a pre-existing account with a significant customer base. Thus, it can help businesses save a lot of money and time.

#2. Increased Credibility

Possessing a popular Facebook page may help boost a company's legitimacy in the eyes of prospective customers. 

A sizable following believe your company is reliable, which can help attract potential customers and increase brand awareness.

#3. Cost-Effective Marketing

Purchasing a Facebook account may be an affordable method for promoting an enterprise or product. 

Businesses may reach a vast audience for a small fraction of the cost by using their newly purchased Facebook account instead of spending a big budget on expensive promotion campaigns.

Benefits for Sellers

#1. Profitability

Those who have built profiles with sizable followings may find selling Facebook accounts to be a lucrative business. 

Accounts with a substantial and active audience sometimes command a higher price from buyers.

#2. Monetization Opportunities

Large-follower Facebook profiles may earn money via sponsored posts and advertising as well. 

Sellers may earn from the monetization possibilities of their accounts without performing any work but selling these accounts.

#3. Minimal Effort

Selling a Facebook account requires minimal effort compared to other forms of online business. 

After selling their accounts, the seller can move on to another venture without putting in further work. 



Risks And Precautions When Buying And Selling Facebook Account in Indonesia 

Buying and selling Indonesian Facebook accounts may seem simple to earn money or build a following.

Yet, you must know the risks to take precautions before making any payment. 

Potential Risks 

#1. Legal Risks

Facebook's service rules prohibit purchasing and selling Facebook accounts, which is illegal in Indonesia. 

Legal repercussions, including fines and jail, are possible for those detected.

#2. Security Risks

Due to the potential access to private messages, images, and other sensitive data, selling or purchasing a Facebook account may pose a security issue. 

#3. Financial Risks

Scammers may take on the personas of real customers or sellers to deceive people into giving money or account information without getting payment. 


Potential risks


#1. Protect Your Personal Information

Protecting personal information and preventing scammers, including personal details and passwords, is essential. 

Use secure passwords and two-factor authentication to guard against illegal account access.

#2. Be Cautious of Suspicious Offers

When buying or selling a Facebook account, be careful with dubious offers. 

Read customer feedback and do some research on the buyer or seller. Deal only with respectable purchasers or dealers.


Can I Buy An Existing Indonesian Facebook Account?

Yes. However, it's not recommended to buy an existing Indonesian Facebook account, as it is against Facebook's terms of service and Indonesian law. 

Is It Legal To Buy Facebook Pages In Indonesia?

According to Indonesian law, buying and selling Facebook pages is not illegal. Also, Facebook does not allow the purchase and sale of pages.

What Is The Price Of A Facebook Account In Indonesia?

The price of a Facebook account in this country may vary. It depends on various factors, such as the size and nature of your business. 

How Do I Claim An Old Facebook Account? 

Below are the simple guides to do this:

  • Try to log in
  • Use the account recovery tool
  • Contact Facebook support
  • Provide proof of identity

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, buying and selling Facebook accounts is common in Indonesia. However, knowing the potential risks and consequences of breaking this platform’s terms of service is essential. 

If you're considering buying or selling a Facebook account, work with reliable suppliers like SHOPBMVIP - Facebook Business Manager.

Contact us for further information!


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