What Is Facebook PVA Account? The Key To Your Social Media Potential

Have you ever heard about a Facebook PVA account and wondered what it is? You may have come across this term somewhere, and here is how you get to know about it clearly. 

In this article, we will help you explore everything about Facebook PVA accounts, from what they are, how to create or buy one, and their benefits. 

So are you ready? Let's work together to discover the ins and outs of the Facebook PVA account! 

What Is Facebook PVA Account? 

PVA stands for Phone Verified Account. So, a Facebook PVA account is an account verified through a phone number. 

It means you must register your account with a valid phone number to get it. Then, Facebook sends you a code via SMS to complete the registration process. 

This feature enhances security in users' accounts. They can use their phone numbers to prove their account reliability if any mishap occurs. 

Having Facebook PVA accounts is essential for individuals and businesses who want multiple accounts for specific purposes.

Besides, Facebook users can take advantage of such accounts for verification purposes, like making a group or business page. 

However, you don't have to use a Facebook PVA account. Instead, Facebook allows you to skip the phone number confirmation step. Yet, you will sometimes be asked about it for security purposes. 

What Is Facebook PVA Account?

Advantages of Facebook PVA accounts

PVA Facebook accounts are more secure than non-verified ones because they offer an additional protection layer besides your username and password. Here are the benefits of Facebook PVA accounts.  

  • More credibility

The PVA Facebook account can enhance your reliability and trustworthiness on Facebook significantly. But how can it do that?

First, it tells your potential customers and followers that you are working on Facebook with accurate information. Hence, they can trust you more. 

Thanks to the PVA accounts, public figures, brands, and celebrities find it easier to maintain their reputation in the community. 

  • More protection

Joining a huge platform like Facebook is risky sometimes. Too many people are there, and some may cause data-related problems to random users. 

However, if you use a PVA account, there will be fewer risks because you now have an extra security layer. This account can help protect your impersonation. 

More specifically, imposters and scammers don't often attack verified accounts because they must pass the verification process.

Advantages of Facebook PVA accounts

  • Improved visibility

On Facebook, verified users have more chances to appear in suggested pages and search results. As a result, people who are looking for you can find your account easier. 

So, as you can see, PVA Facebook accounts can increase visibility, leading to more likes, followers, and engagement. That's what influencers and businesses desire. 

  • Access to extra features

Verified accounts on Facebook have access to numerous features that are not open to unverified accounts.

For example, with a PVA account, you can use Facebook Mentions. This live-streaming feature helps celebrities and influencers engage with their supporters in real-time.

Furthermore, this account allows you to view Facebook insights. Then, you can check comprehensive analytics about your account's performance.  

  • Enhanced customer support

Verified accounts on Facebook receive enhanced customer service, which is especially advantageous to businesses.

The professional support staff is available to verified users, and they can help with various issues, including account recovery, page maintenance, and marketing campaigns. This feature may save a lot of resources and time for companies handling multiple sites and promotions.

Advantages of Facebook PVA accounts

The effect of Facebook BM

We have mentioned the benefits of Facebook PVA accounts for businesses many times. So, you won't want to skip the effect of Facebook BM on this feature. 

BM (Business Manager) is a powerful tool that assists you in organizing and managing your business. Interestingly, if you join BM, your coworkers can only view your personal profile with your permission. Without approval, they can only check your name, work email, and the ad accounts or pages you can access. 

BM significantly impacts PVA accounts in different ways, depending on how you use them. 

For example, you must have a Facebook account to join BM. However, Facebook has policies against using multiple accounts.

If you use fake or fraudulent information to create your account, Facebook will know to suspend it. That's why you need a secure account, like the PVA. 

However, if you use PVA accounts to manage your Facebook BM, consider the rules against sharing account access with other users. 

Another thing to bear in mind when using PVA accounts to run ads is that Facebook BM has strict regulations about some types of promotion. For example, you can't advertise weapons, drugs, and tobacco on this platform. 

In general, BM is an excellent option for businesses. If combined with Facebook PVA accounts, here is what you can expect: 

  • Some features on Facebook, like Facebook Marketplace, are only accessible to verified accounts. 
  • PVA accounts have better protection, which is important for businesses with multiple campaigns running at the same time. 
  • PVA accounts help businesses work with Facebook BM easier. 

The effect of Facebook BM

Where To Buy Bulk Facebook PVA Accounts?

You can find many Facebook account providers on the internet. However, many of them are scammers. So how to find a reliable one to buy Facebook PVA accounts in bulk? The following tips will help you buy PVA Facebook account:

  • Research the providers by reading their customer reviews and legitimacy. The higher the rate, the better it is. 
  • You may want to buy Facebook PVA accounts from cheap providers. However, in most cases, the low price refers to lower quality. 
  • Choose a provider that gives you customization options, such as country, because it will ensure the proper account for your needs. 
  • Before paying, remember to check the payment options. They should have security measures to protect your account information. 

If you still don't know which provider to choose, consider the SHOPBMVIP provider to buy Facebook account. We offer excellent tools to work with BM, including PVA accounts. 

Where To Buy Bulk Facebook PVA Accounts?

Frequently Asked Questions  

1. Can I create multiple Facebook PVA accounts?

Each Facebook PVA account requires a valid phone number and contact to verify. So if you have multiple contacts, you can create more than one account. 

But please remember that Facebook is strict about one user with multiple accounts. You need to use real information to register for your accounts to manage your business or protect your personal stuff. 

The process can be complicated as you have to confirm your phone number for signing up for every account. However, Facebook is just trying you protect you. 

2. Can I link my Facebook PVA account to a BM?

Yes, you can. Facebook PVA accounts are secure and helpful for your business. Because of the extra security layer and powerful BM tools, you can strongly grow your business on Facebook. 

5. Can I still use Facebook without verifying my phone number?

Yes, you can. In fact, verifying your phone number is not a compulsory step when registering for a Facebook account. 

However, Facebook encourages you to sign up with a valid phone number to protect your profile. Moreover, in some cases, like when you log in to Facebook using a new device, the platform will ask you to submit your phone number. This method ensures that you are the account's real owner. 

7. Is it legal to buy Facebook PVA accounts? 

Yes. It's legal to buy and sell social media accounts, like Facebook. No law can restrict you from buying a PVA account. However, it's only safe if you use an authentic and credible company with a reputation for providing good services. 

As a result, try to protect yourself from internet scammers and imposters by following the tips we have shared above. 


A Facebook PVA account is an excellent choice in terms of security and visibility. That's why businesses, influencers, and celebrities own one to establish a solid profile on Facebook. 

You can also buy PVA accounts in bulk to run your marketing campaigns. There are many providers to choose from, but many of them will give you risks instead of benefits. 

SHOPBMVIP is a good place to start. We offer high-quality Facebook Business Manager accounts that will help you streamline your social media marketing efforts. Here are some reasons why you will find us a terrific option: 

  • First, our BM accounts are reliable. 
  • You can pay via PayPal or credit card. 
  • We assist with any problem you encounter when using our accounts.
  • You can buy accounts in bulk. 

If you are still skeptical, visit our website today to learn more and get started! We hope that you can find what you need here. 

Thank you for coming!

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