Confirm Identity If Facebook Account Restricted: Step-By-Step Guides 

You might be familiar with account restrictions if you regularly use Facebook. This error may occur for some reasons, like breaking Facebook's community standards or terms of service.

How to confirm identity if Facebook account restricted? Look no further than this post! It will recommend detailed guides to fix this issue. Let's scroll down!

What Is A Facebook Restriction? 

A Facebook restriction limits the activities on your account and prevents you from using Facebook in your usual ways, like sharing posts.

Also, you might not be able to view what other users post or send them messages if you have a restricted Facebook account. 

The restriction durations may vary, depending on the type of restrictions your account experiences. 

For instance, your Facebook account may be restricted for 24 or 48 hours. In some cases, you might get a 7-or-30-day restriction. 

After this restriction duration, you can do activities as usual on your Facebook account. Facebook restrictions come in three different types:

  • Due to security reasons.
  • Because of suspicious activities.
  • Due to unfamiliar locations.


Account restriction

Why Is Your Facebook Account Restricted? 

Facebook has stringent security controls and reacts quickly whenever an account is flagged for breaking its policies and services.

Generally, Facebook frequently imposes account restrictions for the following reasons:

  • Spam advertising.
  • You accessed your account using dubious third-party applications.
  • You sent out an excessive number of friend requests.
  • Be a member of many groups at once quickly.
  • The frequency of your posts has increased suspiciously.
  • Use software for automation, such as bots.
  • Use an unidentified device to log into your account.
  • If it is reported as a phony account employing a bogus set of credentials.
  • Use offensive language or publish material that contravenes Facebook's community policies.


Potential causes

How To Confirm Identity If Facebook Account Restricted? 

If you experience this error, here are step-by-step guidelines to make your Facebook account active again. 

Step 1: Log Into Your Facebook Account 

Launch the Facebook app on your device and sign in using your credentials.

Facebook will notify the message "Please Confirm Your Identity."

Verifying your identification consists of three steps.

  • Select a security inspection.
  • Check for security.
  • Analyze your most recent logins.
  • Click "Continue" to go on to the following action.


Log into your account.

Step 2: Choose "Approve Your Login On Another Phone Or Computer"

Facebook will navigate you to the page "Choose a security check."

Select a security inspection. You may try every option several times.

You have a few choices to pick from:

  1. Approve your login on another phone or computer.
  2. Get a code sent to your phone.

Select the first option and click on "Continue." 

Step 3: Click "Confirm Identity In Another Way"

Facebook will show you the devices you have logged into recently. 

You must access one of them to approve your credentials. Choose the device and then confirm your login there.

If you can't access the devices mentioned in the list, click "Confirm identity in another way" at the end of the page. 

Step 4: Tap On "Get A Code Sent To Your Phone"

Facebook will navigate you to the page "Choose a security check." After that, it shows you the two options:

  1. Approve your login on another phone or computer.
  2. Get a code sent to your phone.

After that, select the second option. And then click "Continue" to move to the following action. 

Step 5: Select "Confirm Identity In Another Way"

Now you are on the page "Select your phone number."

Have you used your phone number to link to your account? You will see it on this page. 

If you can access it, choose your phone number to log into your Facebook Pva Account, and click "Continue."

Follow the instructions on the screen to access your restricted account. 

Can't you access your phone number? Click "Confirm identity in another way."

Step 6: Choose "Upload A Photo ID"

You are now on the page "Choose a security check." Click "Upload a photo ID" to reassess your account. 

And then, click "Continue" to move to the following action. 

Step 7: Select "Continue"

The page "Confirm your identity" will appear. It will show details on submitting your ID. Tap "Continue" and move to the following action. 

Step 8: Photograph Your ID

Click "Take Photo" to photograph your ID. Before submitting it, ensure the details on your ID are clear. 

Tick the checkbox "I've attached an ID from group one in the Help Center article below."

Step 9: Insert An Unlinked Email Address

Now you're on the page "How can we reach you securely." You will see an email address box. 

Enter an unlinked email address in this box. Ensure no one else can use this email address. 

After that, tap "Continue."

Step 10: Click "Continue"

You are now on the page "Are you sure this email is secure?"

Change your account's password. After that, tick the checkbox at the end of the page. Select "Continue."

Step 11: Click "OK"

You are on the page "Thank you."

Click on "OK" and wait for the website's responses. You will receive a recovery URL in the email address you entered in the ninth step. 

Step 12: Click The Recovery URL 

After a specific time, Facebook will send you a recovery URL to the email address in the ninth step.

Click on it to reassess your account. After that, click "Continue," and Facebook will automatically navigate you to your account. 

That's all done!


How Long Will My Facebook Account Be Restricted?

Depending on the type of restrictions your account experiences, it can be restricted for 1 - 30 days. 

Why Does Facebook Keep Asking Me To Confirm My Identity?

Facebook may keep asking users to confirm their identities because it's a way to protect them from impersonation and abuse

How Do I Contact Facebook Support?

Here are the simple steps to contact the Facebook support team: 

  1. Log into your Facebook account.
  2. Click "Help & Support" from the menu on the right site. 

For detailed guides, you can watch this video:

Can I Delete My ID.Me Account And Start Over?

The short answer is yes. The site deactivates your account permanently after seven days. And you can use this email address and start over. 

The Bottom Line

Account restrictions can be frustrating, but it's important to remember that Facebook has community standards and terms of service in place to protect users. 

If you suspect your account has been restricted, use the above steps from SHOPBMVIP - a Facebook Business Manager service to confirm it and take the necessary actions to resolve the issue.

Besides, if you want to Buy Facebook Account, contact us right now! Hopefully, our guidelines are helpful to you. Thanks for reading!

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