Facebook Statistics Marketers Need to Know in 2023

Digital marketing is a world of constant changes. And, of course, 2023 must be a year of fluctuations. Marketers have to keep up with the latest trends and statistics to stay on top. 

Here comes a concern: What are Facebook statistics marketers need to know in 2023? But don't worry because you can explore interesting stats here. Are you ready? Let's get started! 

Facebook Statistics Marketers Need to Know in 2023 

With billions of monthly active users, Facebook continues to dominate the social media scenario. However, only marketers who know how to rely on their audience and take advantage of Facebook's features can win. So first, you need to check some statistics for your business strategies.  

Facebook Statistics Marketers Need to Know in 2023 

Facebook Statistics Marketers Need to Know in 2023

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General Stats

Let's have some warm-ups with general stats on Facebook:

  • Facebook ranks third in the list of the most accessed websites, only after Google and YouTube. It's even more popular than Instagram and Twitter. 
  • The platform counts about 2.96 billion active users every month. It is thus the most widely used social networking site globally.
  • Facebook's overall ad revenue reached $113 billion in 2022. The worth of income was about $2 billion, which involves additional payments and fees. 

Usage Stats

People worldwide like to use Facebook. But how much? 

  • American people spend about 30 minutes a day and 20 hours a month on Facebook. Meanwhile, they only use Instagram for about 11.7 hours every month. 
  • Facebook made up for more than 25% of the time American adults spent on SNS in 2022. 
  • Over 30% of Americans read the news by surfing Facebook. 


Facebook users like to read the news here

Facebook users like to read the news here

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User Stats

To work on Facebook, you need to know about its users. 

  • 67% of monthly Facebook users are online every day. In other words, your brand might reach billions of consumers daily.
  • In America, just 18% of people believe Facebook can protect their privacy and data. It means that the trust in this platform is not high despite its popularity. 
  • 71% of Facebook users claim to communicate with friends and family on Facebook. Other common activities here are posting videos and photos (62.9%) and reading the news (59.5%).
  • More than 70% of Facebook users use WhatsApp, YouTube, and Instagram. Hence, you can convey the appropriate message on each platform with an effective cross-platform campaign plan.
  • Facebook is the most popular social platform for the 35–44 age group. Besides, men aged 25 to 34 like Facebook, while females of the same group prefer using Instagram. 
  • About 7% of young Facebook users, or Gen Z, intend to quit this platform in 2023, while 25% use it less. 

Marketing Stats

If you plan to run marketing campaigns on Facebook, do not miss these stats:

  • The average CTR (Click Through Rate) of Facebook ads is 0.9%. This figure varies for industries. The CTR for the fitness, beauty, retail, apparel, and legal sectors is at least 1%. 
  • The CPC (Cost Per Click) on Facebook ads is about $1.7. This figure for insurance and finance can be higher. 
  • Facebook ads have a relatively high conversion rate, about 9.2%. The rate for healthcare, education, and fitness is often higher. 
  • Facebook experiences the highest ROI (Return On Investment) due to the low CPC and high conversion rate. 
  • Facebook has the most social commerce buyers. Users who are above 14 and have purchased at least once on the site. 
  • Facebook is the second-most widely used social network after YouTube as a site where individuals start their online buying search.
  • The conversion rate increases by 2.85 times if you add a CTA button. And if the CTA is in the middle of your video, you will have a higher conversion rate of about 16.9%. 
  • Facebook has more than 10 million advertisers as of 2023. 


Facebook is an ideal platform for running your marketing campaigns

Facebook is an ideal platform for running your marketing campaigns

Engagement Stats

The organic visibility declined in 2022. Let's check some crucial stats to study Facebook engagement. 

  • Facebook has a median engagement rate of about 0.065% in all sectors, which is equal to the rate of Instagram. 
  • Status and photo posts get the most engagement, about 0.12%. The engagement of video posts is around 0.08%. 
  • Posting doesn't lead to more engagement. Instead, you should focus more on timing. 

Video Stats

Video marketing is a popular form of ads. But before you start, please check the following Facebook statistics first.

  • Live videos have more engagement than pre-recorded ones. However, if your account has more than 50,000 fans, choose a pre-recorded video instead. 
  • Facebook users often watch sound-off clips. 


Learn what your audience likes to watch on Facebook

Learn what your audience likes to watch on Facebook

Feature Stats

Facebook has a lot of features. Here is a breakdown of some of the key options:

  • Half a billion Facebook users use Stories a day. 
  • More than one billion Facebook users are using Facebook Messenger. 
  • Facebook users play more than 140 billion reels every day. An AI recommendation mechanism has led to this trend.

Demographics Stats

Targeting the right audience is part of success. The information below will help you with that:

  • The largest audience on Facebook is from 25 to 34 years old. 
  • Facebook usage among teenagers has dropped dramatically in recent years. 
  • Male users account for up to 56.6% of the total Facebook users. 
  • India has the most Facebook users. 
  • Over 18% of Facebook users are in Southeast Asia.


Learning Facebook demographics is important for your campaigns

Learning Facebook demographics is important for your campaigns

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Facebook continues to be a crucial platform for marketers trying to engage with their audience and develop their company's online presence. 

So, spend some time researching and following the most recent stats and trends, and then observe your business rise on the biggest social media network.

Hopefully, this article will help you set up a detailed plan for your business growth. For any further information, please feel free to ask.

Thank you for reading!

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