Buy Sell Facebook Account India: Benefits, Risks, And Precautions

Facebook ranks as among the most prominent social networking sites globally. The demand for buying and selling accounts rises along with this platform's user population.

If you want to buy and sell Facebook account India, there are a few things that you should know before getting started.

Let's dive into this article to get into details!

How To Buy and Sell Facebook Accounts in India?

Below are some steps to follow if you desire to purchase or sell a Facebook Pva Account in India:

Buying Facebook accounts

  1. Look for reputable sellers in India. You can find these sellers on online marketplaces or social media groups.
  2. Research the seller's reputation and read their reviews before making a purchase.
  3. Ask the seller for account details, such as age, number of followers, and engagement rate.
  4. Negotiate the price of the account with the seller.
  5. Make the payment and receive the login details of the Facebook account.

Selling Facebook accounts

What about selling Facebook accounts in India? Follow the guidelines below:

  1. Create a Facebook account with a large following and a high engagement rate.
  2. Build up the account by posting quality content and engaging with your followers.
  3. Once your account has a significant following, you can sell it to interested buyers.
  4. Look for reputable buyers in India. You can find these buyers on online marketplaces or social media groups.
  5. Negotiate the price of the account with the buyer.
  6. Transfer account ownership to the buyer and receive payment.


Detailed guidelines

Detailed guidelines

Benefits Of Buying And Selling Facebook Accounts in India 

Whether you want to sell or buy Facebook account in this country, here are the main advantages:

Benefits of Buying Facebook Accounts

#1. Instant Access to Established Accounts

When you buy a Facebook account, you get instant access to an established account with a following. 

It can be beneficial for businesses looking to expand their reach quickly. 

By purchasing a verified account, companies can save time and money on building an audience from scratch.

#2. Targeted Marketing

Buying an account with a targeted audience allows businesses to reach their desired audience quickly. 

It results in more conversions, higher engagement rates, and increased revenue.

#3. Increased Brand Awareness

Buying a Facebook account with an established following can help increase brand awareness. 

If more people see your business, it's easier to generate a more substantial presence and improve the chance of attracting the potential audience. 

If you want more tips to increase your brand awareness, refer to this video:

Benefits of Selling Facebook Accounts

#1. Passive Income

Selling these accounts can be a great way to earn passive income. 

Thanks to the pre-existing account with considerable followers, selling it to anyone who wants to boost their audience is more manageable. 

#2. Easy to Sell

Selling Facebook accounts is relatively easy. You only need to discover the buyers, negotiate a price, and transfer account ownership. It's easy and quick to make money!

#3. Unused Accounts

Do you have an unused account? Selling it to earn money is a good idea instead of letting it sit idle. 

For instance, you may sell it to business owners who want an effortless and quick method to set up their social media presence. 



Risks And Precautions When Buying And Selling Facebook Account in India 

Selling and purchasing Facebook accounts is relatively familiar in this country. 

However, this practice may pose some risks. Thus, it would be best to take precautions before making any payment. 

Risks Involved

Here are some of the risks involved in buying and selling these accounts:

#1. Scams

Scammers always want to sell fake accounts to unsuspecting customers. They often use the profiles of active users to build fake accounts.

For example, when you pay for this account, the scammers will disappear and leave you with an invalid account. 

#2. Account Suspension

Selling and buying accounts may violate Facebook's standards. If this platform finds out you have bought or sold an account, it may suspend or even ban it. 

It can be a considerable problem, primarily if you rely on the account for your business or personal use.

#3. Loss of Money

You may lose money when purchasing or selling Facebook accounts if you are careless. Some sellers may take your money and disappear without delivering the account. 

Similarly, some buyers may refuse to pay for the account after receiving it.


Potential risks

Precautions to Take

To avoid the risks involved in buying and selling these accounts on this platform, here are some precautions you can take:

#1. Research

Before buying or selling a Facebook account, do your research. Check the seller's information and feedback to see whether they are reliable. 

Check if they have any negative reviews or complaints. Also, ask for references from previous buyers.

#2. Verify

Verify the account before making any payments. Ask the seller to provide the login credentials to check the account yourself. 

Look at the account's activity, posts, and messages to ensure it is genuine.

#3. Use Escrow Services

Escrow services are a third party holding the payment until the buyer receives these accounts. It ensures that both the buyer and seller are protected.

#4. Create Your Account

Instead of buying a Facebook account, create your account. As a result, you can avoid potential risks. 

Furthermore, you may also ensure the authenticity and security of your account.




Is It Legal To Buy A Social Media Account In India? 

The short answer is no! In Indian law, selling and buying social media accounts is not illegal. However, this practice is against Facebook's standards. 

Can You Sell Facebook Accounts In India? 

No! While this practice is not against Indian laws, it violates Facebook's guidelines.  

How Do Personal Facebook Accounts Make Money?

You can make money via your account in different ways, as shown below:

  • Sponsored content
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling products
  • Facebook ads
  • Donations

How Many Followers Do You Need To Make Money On Facebook?  

It's challenging to answer this question directly. It depends on various factors, including:

  • Your niche
  • Engagement rate
  • Monetization methods

In Conclusion

Buying and selling Facebook accounts in India is not illegal, but it goes against Facebook's terms of service. 

If you decide to buy or sell accounts, make sure to do your research and work with reputable buyers and sellers like SHOPBMVIP - a Facebook Business Manager. 

Protecting your personal information and rights is essential in every commercial deal.


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