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The Facebook community is getting bigger day by day worldwide, including Singapore. This trend encourages all Facebook users to boost their presence on this platform. But how can you do that?

Buying Facebook accounts must be a shortcut to success. It's a good way for individuals and businesses looking to strengthen their influence.

This guide will show you how to buy a Facebook account in Singapore safely and effectively. Let's check and be ready to maximize your social media reach!  

How To Buy A Facebook Account In Singapore? 

Buying Facebook accounts in Singapore is straightforward because you have many providers. However, there are also many risks of fraud and scams. But don't worry! You can successfully buy a reliable account by following these steps: 

Step 1: Choose the type of account 

Providers offer various types of Facebook accounts. Your options include the following:

  • Aged accounts: These accounts have old posts and interactions, increasing their trust score. 
  • Old accounts: These are existing accounts on Facebook but are no longer in use. 
  • PVA: You have the highest security level when buying these accounts. The PVA stands for Phone Verified Accounts, meaning the phone number is an extra protection layer. 

Besides, you may want to buy Facebook accounts in bulk. This solution is popular because it reduces the cost per account significantly.  

Also, consider your needs before opting for the type of Facebook account. For example, if you want to grow your following, aged accounts with posts and interactions will be a good idea. 

Step 2: Find a reliable provider

Here comes the trickiest task: Selecting a reliable provider. If you are new to buying Facebook accounts, there will be chances of ending up with scammers or frauds. So bear in mind these tips when choosing your partner: 

  • Read the provider's reviews on independent websites or discussion forums.
  • Pick a service provider with expertise in the Facebook industry.
  • The website doesn't have to be visually appealing but should be easy to understand and offer the necessary information. 
  • The website should also highlight some methods to get in touch with the customer support team. 
  • Choose a service provider with friendly, supportive customer service that responds to your concerns.
  • Research different providers to find the best deal among them. 
  • Verify the payment methods to make sure they are reliable and safe.  

Step 3: Check the authenticity of the account 

After buying Facebook accounts, you must check their authenticity carefully. Some may expire if the validity time has already passed.  


How to buy reliable Facebook accounts

How to buy reliable Facebook accounts

Benefits Of Buying A Facebook Account in Singapore 

Buying Facebook accounts is popular in Singapore because it offers tons of benefits. Let's discuss some here, and you may want to get an account for yourself right then.

For individuals

Buying a Facebook account with many friends is a good chance to expand your relationships because this method gives you a strong presence. 

As a result, your friends can immediately see your posts, comment, share, and interact with you. Nothing can help you boost your social media following faster than this. 

And when your friend list becomes longer, you can connect to more people, especially those in Singapore. It's what Facebook aims to help its users: making friends.  

For businesses 

Businesses often use multiple Facebook accounts since it's an excellent marketing strategy. Here is how companies can take advantage of their accounts:

  • The multiple Facebook accounts allow businesses to target different customer groups. Then, they can customize their content to fit each group's demand. 
  • Some businesses work with different brands. Hence, using multiple accounts is the only way to help them handle all the brands. 
  • Marketers can use Facebook personally and professionally when they have different accounts for different purposes. 


Buying Facebook accounts is beneficial for individuals and businesses

Buying Facebook accounts is beneficial for individuals and businesses

Risks And Precautions When Buying Facebook Account Singapore

Buying Facebook accounts in Singapore comes with multiple risks. Here are some problems you may encounter:

  • Sellers may be scammers, and they won't deliver what they claim. 
  • The accounts you buy are stolen, and you will unknowingly buy them. 
  • Some accounts are fake, suspended, or even banned. Hence, you can't use them. If you go with the fake ones, Facebook may ban you. 

To avoid those mishaps, you need to check and read the reviews of the sellers carefully. Then, when you get the account, look for any suspicious activities, such as unusual posts or login locations. 


Be careful when buying Facebook accounts

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How do I buy a Facebook account with a Business Manager in Singapore?  

Many suppliers can give you reliable accounts with a Business Manager in Singapore, and SHOPBMVIP is among them.  

2. How do I take ownership of a Facebook account? 

When you buy the Facebook account, the provider will give you ownership, which involves the username and password of that account. Then, you can access the posts and profiles of the account. 

However, if you buy the account from a user, you have to contact him to take ownership. Remember this step before paying for it.  

3. Can you sell Facebook accounts?

It's legal to buy and sell Facebook accounts. However, please note that Facebook prohibits using multiple accounts. Hence, ensure your profiles are valid, or Facebook will suspend them. 

4. How much does it cost to buy Facebook likes? 

It depends on the suppliers. But mostly, 1,000 Facebook likes cost around $25 to $30. Try to research more so you can settle on the best deal. 


Buying a Facebook PVA Account in Singapore is now easy because you have many options. However, check our precautions carefully, or you will be a victim of scammers. 

If you don't know which seller you choose, consider our site SHOPBMVIP - Facebook Business Manager, where you can get verified accounts for your personal and business uses. 

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