How to Change Facebook Language: Step-by-Step Instruction in 2023

Are you struggling to know how to change Facebook language? Facebook supports more than 100 languages. This feature makes it accessible to users in different regions and countries. 

Yet, there may be times when users need to change their Facebook language for various reasons. Maybe they want to improve the user experience. In some situations, they want to communicate with people who speak another language.

Fortunately, changing the language on Facebook is a simple process. Besides, it depends on your device and platform.

In this guide, we will explore methods to change the language on Facebook. We will include language changes on the desktop version and mobile app.

So you will understand how to change the Facebook language by the end of this tutorial. Whether your demand is for personal or business use, changing the language on Facebook can enhance communication and expand networks. 

As a result, it helps increase engagement with users from different backgrounds and cultures. Keep scrolling to learn more!

How to Change Facebook Language 

We will show you two ways to change Facebook language. Follow our guide to get the language you want!

Change Facebook Language Using A Computer.


Change Facebook Language Using A Computer

To change Facebook language using a computer:

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook account using a web browser on your computer. Then, click the arrow icon in the upper right corner. Click "Settings & Privacy." Then select "Settings" from the options of the drop-down menu.

Step 2: You'll see several options that Facebook supports on the "Settings" page. Select "Language and Region." Now, you can find the language you want.

Step 3: Click the "Save Changes" button once you have selected your language. Facebook will reload in your language.

One essential thing you must note: changing the language of your Facebook account will not affect other websites on your PC. 

Also, some buttons and options on Facebook may have different names or locations. They depend on the language you choose. 

If you have trouble navigating Facebook after changing, you can always switch back to your original language.

Change Facebook Language Using A Mobile Device.


Change Facebook Language Using A Mobile Device

Follow these steps to change the Facebook language using a mobile device:

  • First, open the Facebook app on your device.
  • Then, tap the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner.
  • Next, scroll down until you see "Settings & Privacy." It is where you need to click.
  • Tap "Language." Then choose the one you need.
  • Tap "Change language."
  • Now, Facebook will reload in your language.

Like the first method, these steps will not affect the language of other apps or the operating system on your mobile device.

Also, you can use the search function to locate language settings on the Facebook app. It is for when you're having trouble finding them. 

Just tap the search icon in the upper right corner of the app. Then type 'language,' and select one from the search results.

In short, how to change Facebook language on mobile is a simple process. 

Why Is Facebook In A Different Language? 


Why Is Facebook In A Different Language?

Facebook is in many different languages. Thus, sometimes it can appear in the one you don't understand or expect. There are several reasons:

First, Facebook uses your location to determine the default language. Facebook may automatically display in French if you're in France. Facebook may ask you to choose your preferred language in a multilingual country.

Second, the platform can remember your previous settings. If you've used Facebook in a different language before, it may show up in that language again.

Third, maybe someone changed the language settings without your knowledge. Someone may have changed the language setting if they have access to your account. 



So, secure your Facebook Pva Account with a strong password. Besides, enable two-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access.

In some cases, problems or technical errors can lead to this problem. Try signing out of Facebook and clearing your browser cache if you have this problem. 

You can also try accessing Facebook on another device or using a different web browser.

Facebook ads can be for users in different countries and languages. If you see ads in another language, it doesn't mean your Facebook account is in that language.

In short, Facebook can appear in a different language for many reasons, including location, previous language settings, account settings, technical issues, and Facebook Ads.


Why Can't I Change Facebook Language?

There could be several causes why you might not be able to change your Facebook language. 

Some common reasons include outdated Facebook app versions, incorrect language settings, or technical issues with the Facebook platform. 

But you can fix it by checking the app settings. Then clear cache and cookies. Contact Facebook support for help if that doesn't work.

Why Can't I See The Translation On Facebook?

If you can't see the translation on Facebook, the post or comment may not have a translation available. 

If not, you may not have configured your language settings. Besides, translations may be limited or unavailable in some regions or languages.

How Do I Change My Ad Language?

To change your ad language on Facebook:

  • Go to Ads Manager
  • Select the campaign, ad group, or ad you want to edit
  • Click the "Edit" button.
  • Then, select the language in the "Language" section. Remember to save your changes.

What Is The Most Popular Language On Facebook?

By far, the most popular language on Facebook is English. Over 1.8 billion users are using the platform in English. However, Facebook supports multiple languages and has over 100 language options available.

How Many Languages Can You Use On Facebook?

Facebook supports more than 100 languages. They include English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Hindi, Portuguese, and more. 

Users can select their preferred language in their account settings. Besides, Facebook provides automatic translation tools for posts and comments in different languages.


Above is our guide on how to change Facebook language. By understanding these steps, you will use the platform more conveniently. 

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